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I am a father of two, and proud owner of our goofy Great Dane Tiny.  I’ve been a photography enthusiast since 2001.  Back on a budget I had a Nikon Coolpix 885 as my first true digital camera.  Fun fact, I still store all my photos in a legacy directory called Nikon 885.  My other passion, hobby, drive, enabler and career is in IT.  I truly believe that technology can enrich our lives if we use them properly.

Since my Nikon Coolpix 885, I’ve had a Nikon D70, D700 and currently a D810.  I’ve invested in the Nikon brand and I’m just awaiting a decent mirrorless camera, so that I can continue to utilize my investment in glass.  For now, it does me just fine, and it’s not the limitation, I am 😊

I originally started in photography because I love landscapes, but as I’ve matured it has grown into portrait photography.  I come from a loud Italian family that doesn’t like photographs, which attributes to my photography style.  I love photojournalism and capturing moments in time so we can go back and experience a feeling, and hopefully journey back to that distant memory. 

I have been extremely fortunate to have wonderful enablers throughout my photography journey.  My close friend of many years shared the same passion, where we spent countless nights photographing the skies.  SmileTO was a creation of this friendship.  Since then I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with award winning photographers, weddings (professionally), and even funerals.

Although I refuse to convert SmileTO into another career, I’m always interested in volunteering my time to not for-profit agencies helping people less fortunate.  Please feel free to reach out to me and inquire.

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Tiny & I   Taken: 2019

Tiny & I

Taken: 2019